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Citronella and Verbena Candle - Keep those pesky bugs away!

Citronella and Verbena Candle - Keep those pesky bugs away!

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When the weather's great, evenings are best spent outdoors with family and friends. Whether its dinner cooked on the BBQ, drinks under the moonlight or visiting your favourite park for a sunset picnic, the party can soon be over when the flies, ticks, and other irritating insects make there entrance. 

To make your nights as enjoyable as possible, you need to prepare to keep pesky bugs at bay.

While there are lots of insect repellents on the market, our citronella candle is a mellow yet effective choice to fight off these irritants. They work by perfuming the air with a citrusy aroma that drives pests away and masks the human scents they’re attracted to. The closer you are to the candle, the more you’re protected — this goes for your food, too. Overall, our citronella candle adds a layer of protection, along with a warm flickering glow and  the incredible. fragrances of Lemon Grass and Verbena.

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