About us

A Journey in Every Scent

Welcome to The Chelsea Candle Company, the home of luxurious, sustainable candles that whisk you away on a journey of the senses. Our story isn't just about candles; it's about passion, craftsmanship, and a love affair with London and exceptional fragrances. At the heart of this tale is our founder, Paul.


Meet Paul: A Modern-Day Alchemist

Paul discovered his love for scents and candles whilst travelling the world, where he found that fragrances have the power to transport us, to remind us of a place, a time, or even a feeling. For The Chelsea Candle Company he drew his first inspiration from the multifaceted character of London itself. Roaming its historic streets, soaking in the aroma of its local flower markets and iconic bakeries, and observing the confluence of cultures, Paul found London to be an ever-changing tapestry of scents that told their own stories. This complex olfactory tapestry would become his muse and set the stage for his London-inspired candle range.


The Art of Candle Making

Our Wax

Paul chose to work exclusively with 100% soy wax. It's a natural and renewable form of hydrogenated soybean oil that burns 40-50% slower than its paraffin counterparts. Why does that matter? Well, not only does it mean you get to enjoy our exquisite scents for longer, but it also signifies our commitment to sustainability.


Our Fragrances

Blending naturally derived essential oils with non-toxic fragrance oils, Paul crafts unique, compelling scents that serve as aromatic postcards from enigmatic London boroughs. From a sustainability standpoint, our approach to fragrances benefits the planet by minimising the need for mass farming of flora. In essence, these are fragrances that not only evoke a sense of place but also respect the earth we all share.


An Ode to Eco-Friendliness

Our Packaging

In keeping with our ethos, our packaging is FSC certified, responsibly sourced, and part or fully recycled. Plus, it's all fully recyclable. We're proud to say that all our products are Vegan and Cruelty-Free, and we don't use or purchase any GM ingredients or their derivatives.


Experience the Aromatic Symphony

Through The Chelsea Candle Company, Paul extends an invitation for you to explore his universe of fragrances — a blend of travel, passion, and an ode to the senses. Here, each candle serves as a key to a city, a landscape, or a cherished moment.


Stay Connected

For those who wish to keep the olfactory adventure going, we regularly host pop-up shops and exhibitions around London. Make sure to sign-up to our Newsletter (see a form in the footer) to stay updated on our upcoming news and events.


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