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The Chelsea Candle Company

The St. John's Wood Candle - Pomegranate Noir

The St. John's Wood Candle - Pomegranate Noir

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The St Johns Wood - Pomegranate Noir

    A sophisticated blend inspired by an elegant neighbourhood

    The St. John's Wood Candle encapsulates the serene elegance of one of London's most tranquil suburbs. Known for its tree-lined streets and period architecture, St. John's Wood serves as the ideal inspiration for this sophisticated fragrance, Pomegranate Noir.

    A symphony of scents

    As you light this candle, the room fills with the scents of ruby-rich pomegranate, tangy raspberry, and sweet plum juice. Elevated by a dash of spicy pink pepper, the initial burst of brightness soon gives way to sultry undertones. Nestled at the heart of this aromatic journey, you'll find alluring Casablanca Lily, whose oriental floral notes add a compelling twist to this luxurious blend.

    Key features

    • Embodies Chiswick Reflects the upscale, tranquil atmosphere of this prestigious London suburb.
    • Complex fragrance: A sensory voyage from ruby-rich pomegranate to the depths of oriental floral scents.
    • Quality craftsmanship: Hand-poured in London with the highest-quality natural soy wax and organic essential oils.
    • Sustainable luxury: Ethical choices that don't compromise on quality.
    • Longevity: Up to 40 hours of burn time, ensuring enduring fragrance.

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