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The Chelsea Candle Company

The Hampstead Candle - Black Oak

The Hampstead Candle - Black Oak

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The Hampstead Candle: A symphony of black oak

    Aroma that brings Hampstead’s tranquillity to you

    Inspired by the lush landscapes and artistic milieu of Hampstead Village, The Hampstead Candle combines the robustness of black oak with the softer nuances of Nordic woods and cashmere. This multi-faceted aroma embodies the same versatility and sophistication found in one of London's most tranquil neighbourhoods.

    A symphony of scent notes

    Upon lighting, the candle reveals aromatic heart notes of rich tobacco, warm spices, and a dash of cognac. This olfactory symphony further develops into smoky woods—comprising oak, ebony, and incense—rounded off by the earthy undertones of dark musk.

    Key highlights

    • Hampstead Village tranquillity: A scent that encapsulates the calm and sophistication of London's Hampstead area.
    • Complex fragrance palette: A rich blend of woods, spices, and dark musk that takes you on a nuanced fragrance journey.
    • Crafted in London: Hand-poured in Chelsea, a testament to the finest British craftsmanship.
    • Sustainable luxury: Ethical choices that don't compromise on quality.
    • Longevity: Up to 40 hours of burn time, ensuring enduring fragrance.
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